Dru (drusilla_filth) wrote in the_black_tapes,

bands wanted

I am doing a project on 'The Commercial Image' and more specifically looking at studio shoots involving bands. I am in particular looking at the covers of magazines such as Terrorizer and will be shooting my own mock cover for the outcome of this project.

I am looking for bands to photograph for the cover.

Bands will receive:

A day’s studio shoot with professional lighting and equipment.
Bands can also have copies of images used, only paying for reproductions of the images (e.g. cds, paper etc)
Bands may use these images for promotion etc as long as they contact me detailing the use prior to it for my permission. My name must be kept alongside any images used.

Shoot date: Wednesday 7th December 2005.

Location: Rochester, Kent (40mins train from London Victoria, less by car)

I cannot get any other studio time so do not mess me about please and if you don’t think you'll be able to make that date then don't apply since this is my degree work!

If you/your band are interested please email dru@andshewept.net and include a current image of your band (individual shots are fine I just need to see that you fit the bill).

Please email before Friday 25th November 2005.

Remember – you’ll be getting free professional studio images you can use for promotion!

Dru x
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